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Are you looking for:

  • Consistency with your workouts & nutrition

  • Tools and strategies to help make living healthy fit into your life

  • Simple, yet effective and fun workouts

  • Easy to understand nutrition tips that allow you to enjoy your favorite treats without feeling guilt or shame

  • A way to talk back to that voice in your head that talks shit

Girl, we gotta chat!

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I work with women who are ready to ditch the diets, perfection and obsession, in favor of finding a version of wellness that fits their life. Women that are ready to finally make themselves a priority by getting back into the gym and taking care of their body, so they can move better in everyday life!

I take a non-diet, health at every size, intuitive eating approach to nutrition, while providing tools and strategies to help you make smart decisions in any season of life. No, I will not create a meal plan and tell you what to eat - but I’ll help you figure it out!

I’m Team Intuitive Exercise. Movement should first and foremost feel good and be fun. I specialize in corrective exercise (gotta build that strong foundation), high-intensity interval training and strength training. No, I will not be upset if you skip a workout in favor of rest, in fact, I encourage that!

Changing the conversation going on between your ears that makes you feel like you aren’t enough is one of my favorite ways to help my clients. I fully believe that if can learn to talk back and not believe that lies we tell ourself, it will be a game changer in all other areas. 

Still with me? Ready to see how we can work together? Check out the options below!

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in person training

I want to work with a trainer to reach my fitness goals and make sure doing moves correctly & using equipment right!

get support & crush your goals!


online training

I’m motivated to get to the gym, but I don’t know what to do! I need a program, along with a little extra support and accountability.

feel confident in the gym & see results!


mindset & nutrition coaching

I’m looking for tools & strategies to help me build a better relationship with food, exercise and my body.